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The Journal that Brings Middle East and International Business together.

Middle East Journal of Business (MEJB), first launched in September 2006, is a unique quarterly journal, focusing on economic humanism and ethical business practices. Within this framework, the editorial aim is to publish original articles of interest to business practitioners and academicians alike. As such, MEJB welcomes submissions reporting empirical research, theoretical models, practitioner observations, literature reviews, commentaries on problems and/or best practices, book reviews, case studies, etc., that clearly articulate their points and original contributions. Furthermore, these contributions should be immediately identifiable as falling within the parameters mentioned. MEJB articles cover a wide range of topical areas within the broad field of business. Submissions from all business disciplines are welcome, with priority being given to those papers discussing contemporary issues in international business, of special interest to Middle East readers; or business topics originating in the Middle East business environment, of particular interest to international readers (e.g., Middle East business, Global or international business, World view, Social and health related industries, Investing/Investments, the Energy sector, Technology and e-business developments, Media and Marketing advances, Law and legal issues, etc.) Ideally, articles will prompt readers to think about business practice in new and innovative ways, evoking discourses of contemporary relevance. MEJB fills a unique niche among business publications by publishing articles that strike a balance between the practical and the academic. To this end, articles published in MEJB are grounded in advanced industry knowledge and scholarship, yet are presented in a readable, non-technical, jargon-free, format, such that the content is accessible to a wide readership.

MEJB has an international peer review process

Manuscripts should be prepared in conformance with the Style Guide for Authors.

All submissions should be sent electronically to the International Editor, lesleypocock@mediworld.com.au;
publishermwi@gmail.com . Manuscript submission to Middle East Journal of Business implies a commitment by the author(s) to engage in the review process and to have the article published should it be accepted. Articles previously published, those under consideration by another journal, and those with a pre-existing copyright may not be submitted. Upon submission, authors also agree not to submit the manuscript for consideration elsewhere during the review period. Editorial decisions on all submissions are final.

For Submission details go to: http://www.mejb.com/upgrade_flash/callforpapers.htm


  Chief Editors

Lesley Pocock

medi+WORLD International
Email: lesleypocock@mediworld.com.au

Dr Abdulrazak Abyad MD,MPH, AGSF

Abyad Medical Center & Middle East Longevity Institute
Azmi Street, Abdo Center
PO BOX 618
Tripoli, Lebanon
Phone: (961) 6-443684
Fax: (961) 6-443685
Email: aabyad@cyberia.net.lb

Associate Editor
Professor Eric Van Genderen SR
Advisory Mentor, Judge Business School (EMBA), University of Cambridge
Strategic Management and Int'l Business
Royal University for Women, Kingdom of Bahrain
Email: ericvg@global.t-bird.edu

Associate Editor - Industrial Relations
ASM Anam Ullah


  The MEJB International Board
Dr Abdulrazak Abyad

Zulfiqar M Aslam
Omar Wajih ELkhatib
Dr. Mahdi Hadi
Prof. Francis Ile
Michael Kavanagh
Prof. William S Lightfoot
Dr Kamran Mofid
Prof. Dana Nadarajah
Dapo Oyewole
Lesley A Pocock
Dr Adel Mouneer Rabeh
Dr. Marouane Ben Bechir Trimeche
Prof. Mustafa 'Mike' Younis

Prof. P Malyadri

Asm Anam Ullah

Morris Kalliny, Ph.D.