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Editorial MEJB June 2006


Health Care Services for the Elderly in the Middle East.
Dr. Abdulrazalc Abyaol
Call for a Middle East Centre of Disease Prevention. Dr. Safra Bahjat

Quality of Life
Dr. Michael Ellis

Dr. Jean Palue


Eating Fossil Fuels
Dale Allen Pfeiffer


Dr Manzoor Ahmed Butt, Rawalpindi Pakistan

Online Arabic Language Course
Mr. Abdel-Hakeem Kasem


Dr Manzoor Ahmed Butt, Rawalpindi Pakistan.

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It is no coincidence that the second of our heroes also comes from Rawalpindi Pakistan. Indeed our hero for this issue nominated our previously featured hero, as part of his campaign to encourage and care for his fellow citizens in Pakistan, and citizens of the world.

Dr Butt is one of the great characters of our time, and I am privileged to call him friend.

His role as family doctor, particularly to the poor and under-privileged, extends to social reform, evaluation of infrastructure and services, support of individuals also doing their best, emergency services and reminding the rest of us that not everyone has access to the support and services many of us are used to.

Doctor Butt’s particular interests include women’s health, and he personally trains women’s health workers; earthquake survivors; water quality; public health campaigns, at his own expense; projects for WHO and UNESCO; and when required paying for medicine and food for his patients. His clinic is in one of the poorer areas of Rawalpindi.

Indeed I recall corresponding with Dr Butt several years ago when he was concerned that his ‘social reform’ activities were perhaps taking his focus away from his family and patients. I replied that there are people who look at the small picture (their immediate concerns) but fortunately there are also people who extend their energies look at the big picture – those issues affecting the wider community, underprivileged sectors of that community and indeed the world as a whole – and Dr Butt is very much a big picture person – with a big heart.

The rest of his story can be gleaned from the photos below.

Lesley Pocock - Editor

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